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Why do you even need a GPS?

Why do you even need a GPS? You probably have a cell phone with GPS capability built in.

Check out this article in the GPS FAQ for Adventurous Yukoners that appears in the TimmiT History Exploration Notebook (THEN). Bottom line: the GPS functionality in a phone (especially the antenna) is a low-cost add-on that doesn't work as well as an optimized GPS receiver, especially out on the land in Yukon under real Yukon operating conditions.

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Why do you need any maps at all for your GPS?

There are many different types of maps online, on paper, and for GPS. A road map to see where you are on the road between Whitehorse and Haines Junction is a lot different than the satellite images you might want for finding ravines and outcrops when you're hunting. You might want contours or special markings like on a topo map.

Regardless of what sort of map you have on your GPS, however, the common feature is that you will see your progress and current position marked on the map. With no map, all you see is your track on a blank screen. You won't know if you're coming up to the river or if you just missed the road.

Some GPS receivers have maps built in. These might be quite low in detail. You may be able to purchase better maps for your GPS if they suit your purpose and if they are available for your area of interest. They come in diffferent styles and formats.

You may require different types of maps for the same area depending on what you are doing: driving through, searching for artifacts, hunting, hiking, boating, delivering pizza...

TIMaps are free.

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Why Garmin Custom Maps?

Many (but not all) Garmin GPS receivers (also maybe some smartphone apps) support Custom Maps. A Custom Map is a file in .kmz format that contains map images and information to tell the GPS how to display it.

Custom Maps are best suited to relatively small areas. With patience and the right software, you can create your own Custom Maps, something you generally CANNOT do easily for other types of GPS maps. There are several methods of creating your own Custom Maps; do an internet search for "create garmin custom map".

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Why is TimmiT making Custom Maps?

TimmiT started making Custom Maps to support exploration of old copper mines in the Whitehorse Copper Belt. Some of these maps are available in the TimmiT History Exploration Notebook (THEN).

And like most active Yukoners, TimmiT is often out on the land where GPS and maps are really useful. So, bcause TimmiT is making maps anyway, they decided to make them freely available for anyone who wants them.

For more information on TimmiT, see

Online for thee!

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Why are TIMaps free?

Other types of downloadable maps for GPS may be quite expensive. But TIMaps are free.

The source material for TIMaps comes from several sources:

These sources have different strengths and weaknesses, and are thus suited for making different types of maps. But they are all free for public use. TimmiT just gives you the same content in another format that you can freely (re-)distribute. That's why TimmiT does not charge for them. You can download them for free! And share them.

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Why isn't there a TIMap of xx?

If there isn't a yet a TIMap of some area that is of interest to you, please contact us and let us know as much of the following as possible:

No, there is no guarantee of IF we can do this or HOW FAST. But if we create such a map, we will make it freely available on this site and let you know.

We can also make specialized Custom Maps for GPS with custom overlays for commercial purposes, e.g., boundaries, routes, locations. Tell us what you need and we'll give you a quote.

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Why don't things line up?

You're at a definite point on the ground, e.g., in the middle of an intersection of two roads. But your position on the GPS map shows that you're off to one side. Why?

This may be a combination of (at least) two possibilities.